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Russia is probably the only country the history of which counts the largest number of resounded revolutions and rebellions. The number of political regimes took turns during the existing of the Russian government. As the result Russians came from the monarchy, socialism and communism to the democracy and capitalism.

Now the basis of the constitutional regime, which defines Russia as democratic federal-legal government with republican form of governing. Democracy of the government means, that the only bearer of sovereignty and the only source of governing in Russia is people, carrying its governing directly (through referendum and free elections), and also through the bodies of the state authority and the local self-government institutions.

The subjects of the Federation have the wide range of authorities, the part of which is carried either together with the federation (joint management) or independently, and others makes up the exceptional competence of the Federation. The form of governing in Russia is built by the principle of dividing of authorities in accordance of which the power mustnt be concentrated in the hand of one person or one body, but it must be distributed among legislative, executive and judicial branches of the power. On the federal level the legislative power is represented by the federal assembly, the executive power the government and the system of the government institutions, the judicial power the Constitutional court of the RF and the systems of the common courts and the court of arbitration headed by Supreme Court of the RF and High Court of Arbitration of the RF. The president of Russia is the head of the government. During the history of the democratical government two presidents were elected: 12 June 1991 Boris Yeltsin and 26 March 2000 Vladimir Putin.

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