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In 2005 by the reserves of gold Russia has taken the 1st place in the world, and this by the way put the country to the leading position as the richest State.

Mineral resources are the main source of raw materials of the leading Russian, strategically important fields of economics: fuel and energy, metallurgical, defence, building, medical and chemical. On the territory of the country there are large deposits of fuel and energy raw materials: oil, natural gas, coal, uranic ore. In Russia there are five large oil and gas provinces, taking place in the European part of the country and in the West Siberia on the territory of 10 krais and regions and 11 republics: West-Siberian, Volga-Urals, Timano-Pechorskaya, North-Caucasian and Caspian. More than 300 mln. tonns of oil and about 250 billion m³ of gas are exported now to the foreign countries.

The mutual part of the enterprises of fuel and gas complex make up 50% in the export of Russian Federation and about 30% in the total value of output of the country.

Besides that metal ores: iron, nickel, copper, aluminium, tin, polymetals, chrome, tungsten, gold, silver - are extracted on the territory of the country. Nonmetal ores: phosphates, apatite, talc, asbestos, mica, sodium chloride and potassium salt, diamonds, amber, precious and half-precious stones - are also various. Building materials: sand, clay, limestone, marble, granite, cement raw materials and others - are also wide spread.

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The Khibins are the highest mountains behind the polar circle of Russia.


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