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Tourism in Russia

Everyone knows about Russias hospitality it is ready to open up, charm you, teach and win over for good. But if you live in Russia, it is a mistake to think that you will always be able to see every nook of your vast country. You had better use the time that you have now, because there are a lot of exciting things right in front of you. And while some people try to reach far away countries in search of new experience, you know that you can have a good vacation not only in the Dominican Republic or Antigua but also a bit closer to home without going abroad.

And that is true. Traveling around Russian towns can be as fun as popular foreign destination and tourist attractions abroad. First of all, because you will get to know the rich Russian culture which we, unfortunately, know little today. You can start discovering the national patrimony of Russia anywhere. Your starting point can be both world famous tourism pearls such as royal Saint-Petersburg or the enigmatic snow-covered Altais and modest but equally interesting sites that preserved their uniquity up to day.

When Russia is referred to as a contrast country, it is its rich variety that is meant. You can apply it to tourism within the country. In Russia you can choose a vacation for any taste however peculiar it is, ranging from the hot Black Sea coast with golden sand beaches and comfortable hotels to extreme safaris in the roads of winter Karelia.

There are many directions in Russian tourism and this is crucial for choosing a destination by Russians, and lately foreigners. Anyone can find something that would please them. For instance, outdoor activities in Russia are not inferior to foreign offers, and sometimes even superior. Rafting, snowmobile & quadracycle safaris, jeep tours, kayaking, skiing resorts, fishing on picturesque lakes extreme fans will enjoy these and other activities.

As for the culture, the range is widest in Russia also. A lot of objects of interest such as architectural complexes, museums, palaces, memorial complexes will allow anybody to feel the glamor and beauty, unveil the past and touch the present, dip into the Russian culture atmosphere. Each Russian town keeps a page of our rich history, and therefore any smallest town in Russia is invaluable.

Another advantage of vacationing in Russia is the vast variety and magnificence of the Russian nature. Praised by great Russian poets, the Russian nature strikes with its wildness and picturesqueness. Sultry Caspian semi-deserts contrast with vast steppes and lush water-meadows; magnificent mountains crowned with snow raise from the plains, and slow streams turn into wild mountain rivers. Enigmatic taiga opens up behind woodland with dotted with sky-blue lakes.

Russia is a huge country with a big tourist potential which is opening up now in its entire variety. Russia is lavish and hospitable, original and modern at that, magnificent and refined yet simple and enigmatic but the enigma can be solved by anybody who makes the first step forward!

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The delta of the Volga is famous for its famous Caspian rose lotus flower.


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